Goals: Week 4

This is a new thing I am aiming to do; to commit to some goals for the coming week. Here we go:


  1. Skate Monday with the Hooky Club. My only thing here will be to just go with the flow and see if this is a good fit for me. It sounds like it. They say there are six to eight adults on the ice, no jumps or spins allowed. They get the whole rink to themselves for 1:30. I’ve been invited to try it out and have talked to the main organizer. My only concern is that I want to work out, not socialize too much. I liked hanging out with adult skaters before. I was fine with a bit of small talk or helping each other spot or give advice on an element we were working on. I enjoyed going to coffee afterwards with them. But I hated it when all they wanted to do was stand around on the ice and chit chat. So, I’m hoping that is at a reasonable level. But I get two “tryouts”to decide if it is a good fit, and I’ll just go with the flow for now.
  2. Group Pilates Reformer on Wednesday. Crossing fingers to hope this works out at my gym. They have a poor record with me here. If, for some reason its another bust, I will work on TRX or swim or something else there.
  3. Skate Friday at Valley and actually start working on things. I’ll be starting with going through the Adult Basic series that USFSA provides. Adult 1 is, getting up after a fall, forward marching, forward two-foot glide, forward swizzles, rocking horse, Dip, and snowplow stops. I can do all of this already, but I will just go through the list and prove it to myself. I’ll also start working on establishing a workout routine.
  4. Staying awake after skating, even if I just come home and veg.
  5. Track my food
  6. Do StretchIt and/or Fitbit Coach on my off days. (10-20 minutes)

I’ve had a lot of guilt for taking so much time to myself with this, but I relieved that by making my husband also join a sport. Ha! Canceled out guilt! He also needs to relieve stress, get exercise and work on his blood pressure. So, he is going to try dragon boating, which is super big around here. He’s been kind of a snob about it, because when he lived in Toronto he started Blind Sailing Canada and sailing is better than rowing, blah, blah, blah. But he likes being on the water, rowing would be really good exercise, he likes hanging out with other people, so he is going to try that. There are a bunch of blind dragon boating teams, but he actually found one that has one other blind person but its not a “blind team.” This way, they already know how to accommodate a blind team member, but it isn’t blind people 24/7 for him (because he works with blind people all day.) A good balance. So, I’m excited that he is going to try this out. It happens in the evenings, so schedule-wise, it works. And the kids will deal….: )

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